514 kilograms of cocaine and 2 murders couples is heading to jail

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In West London lived Arathi Dhir (59) and Kavaljit Rejzed, an Indian couple with criminal connections. Operating under the name “WifeFly Freight Services,” they were engaged in a smuggling operation. Despite leading what seemed to be a prosperous life, their involvement in dubious activities came to light.. In May 2021, their criminal activities were exposed when 514 kilograms of cocaine reached Sydney, leading to their arrest.

The status of cocaine in metal equipment was found to be concealed in plastic covers that were effectively illuminated in the investigation conducted by the National Crime Agency. The breakthrough in the case occurred when the examination revealed the fingertip imprint of Kavaljit on the plastic cover used to conceal metal equipment, which was utilized to weigh and package the drug. Subsequent to the ongoing investigation, WifeFly Freight Company turned out to be a front for smuggling drugs, as uncovered through the search of their storage units. A total of three packages, weighing three-quarters of a million pounds, were seized from their storage units, including a Ferrari valued at £807,778, a Land Rover valued at £620,000, and £7,400,000 acquired from various bank accounts.

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From 2019 onwards, for a span of 37 occasions, this couple was involved in smuggling cocaine through the port. Out of these instances, the investigative agency revealed that they were responsible for trafficking cocaine in 15 instances. Even though the couple vehemently denied involvement in all these activities, compelling evidence brought the truth to light. Despite their persistent denial, the National Crime Agency presented concrete evidence that led to the Southwark Crown Court convicting them of smuggling drugs in 12 instances and money laundering in 18 cases. Subsequently, the court sentenced the couple to 33 years of imprisonment for their involvement in these illegal activities.

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The couple faced charges of homicide in addition to drug smuggling. The incident leading to the murder case occurred in 2017 when the couple, living a luxurious life in London, allegedly abducted and adopted a boy named Gopal Sejani from Gujarat. After a few days, Gopal was found murdered. A group of individuals on bikes attacked 11-year-old Gopal, resulting in his tragic death. Gopal’s brother Harshuk retaliated to protect him but was also severely injured. Both were rushed to the hospital where they took their last breaths. In the police investigation, it was revealed that the couple orchestrated this heinous crime to claim insurance worth over a million pounds. However, the Indian extradition request to hand over the couple for the murder case was rejected by the UK. Despite an appeal in the London High Court, they faced defeat.

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