Beauty and the Beast

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The essence of a woman’s beauty is primarily reflected in her character. However, no one knows a girl quite like Omana, who transformed her beauty into a sinister form.

Bidding farewell to the snowy evening in Ooty, Omana left the holiday resort with three large suitcases in hand. Maneuvering to the taxi side proved challenging, and though the driver offered help, she declined.

As the car ventured from the chill of Ooty to Kodaikanal, Omana’s focus remained on the suitcase containing the lifeless body of her boyfriend, Muralidharan! After a lengthy drive, they crossed the Kodaikanal gate. Omana, unable to part with the suitcases, decided to head to Kanyakumari to fulfill her purpose.

During the journey, the suitcase emitted a pungent smell, causing driver Raja to suspect foul play. Slyly informing the police, Omana attempted to escape but was apprehended. The suitcase, holding 25 pieces of blood-soaked polythene covers with human flesh, bone, and skin, shocked everyone.

Dr. Omana, a medical graduate in the 1970s, was once a college hero and social activist. Despite her achievements, her marriage to pediatrician Radhakrishnan faced turmoil. An unhappy marriage and a tumultuous affair with contractor Muraleedharn led to the infamous suitcase murder.

After committing the crime, Omana faced imprisonment but later escaped, adopting various aliases. Her case, known as the suitcase murder, placed her on the Interpol’s most-wanted list. Omana revealed abuse during her mental deterioration, possibly contributing to her drastic actions. The case earned her the moniker “Lady Sukumarakurupp.”

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