Ozler; Is it a thrilling one?

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Osler Abraham ozler tells the story of revenge that leads to every crime. The case is being investigated by Assistant Commissioner Ozler, who is going through a severe mental crisis. A journey to find the birthday killer. A killer who fatally wounds his victim with a surgical blade. The killer returns leaving clues and evidence, but before the investigation processing, new murders unfold. Osler’s journey in search of the accused sheds light on past events. Mithun Manuel Thomas has managed to paint a vivid picture of how jealousy can make a man cruel. Although the murder cannot be justified, the circumstances of the perpetrator often make the audience think twice. Jayaram’s lead role, Mammootty’s entry and Jagadeesh’s unique face made the film better. 

 But the general principle that a crime thriller should thrill till the end and keep the audience on edge is not followed in many places. The mystery and excitement of the first half was drained in the second half. Although it is a medical thriller, the link that connects the characters is lost at many places. Often this leads to confusion. The film ends by reminding once again the words that those who do wrong will be punished wherever they are.

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