Ripper Chandran; The nightmare 

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He spoke, pointing to his own mother. This is the one who made me Ripper Chandran,”. Before the sun disappeared, Chandran, who was the alternative to the illuminated night sky, was his name. When he brought stealed colored pencils and slates from childhood, it was his mother who enthusiastically encouraged him without any hesitation. Chandran is the most significant example for “childhood habits stay until death. 

Chandran was the scary dream of the people in the Kasaragod district of Kerala in the seventies. In the night, he would venture out. Chandran’s main target was usually women who had only stayed at home. Chandran adopted a method of intimidating them sexually by shining a flashlight towards their faces when they woke up at night, creating a sense of fear. There was no specific pattern to Chandran’s attack. His nightly escapades left countless lives shattered, akin to the dreams of many.

There was no discrimination in his choice of victims – whether elderly, children, women, or men. There was no distinction in his mind. Those who encountered him in the night were haunted by the warmth of his weapon, be it a knife, iron rod, or pipe. An eerie fascination with the weapon, like a blooming flower or a released arrow, possessed him. He claimed the lives of 14 people, leading seven of them into a life akin to hell.He targeted those who were asleep. 

Despite attempts by individuals in the group to apprehend him, he skillfully evaded capture and continued to move. They referred to him as the “magician” and sought his capture. He was spotted in various places at the same time, creating a mysterious reputation for himself.

After such a cruel series of murders, Chandran decided to live the place. The police took him into custody because of doubtful. Until then, a group that had caused unrest in the countryside had been taken to the police jail. After their release, Chandran joined them and escaped from jail. 

Emerging at midnight, a woman became Chandran’s next victim. Unlike other cases, there was a crucial eyewitness to this heinous crime – a 16-year-old girl, the daughter of the murdered woman. The police compile a list of individuals with suspicions, focusing on those who doubted Chandran. The girl identifies Chandran from a photograph, imprinting his image in her memory.

Chandran finds his place among the infamous psychopathic serial killers worldwide. Out of the 14 cases, he receives the death penalty for 4 and life imprisonment for the remaining 10 as per the court’s verdict.

Having spent a considerable period in Kannur Central Jail, Chandran transforms into a mentally ill individual. He claims to have refrained from any wrongdoing during the nights, urging authorities to assess his mental state. On July 6, 1991, Chandran is sentenced to death at Kannur Central Jail.

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