Son Harassed Girls; Father Killed him

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On January 13, Vijay Bhattu and his wife Keerthi reported to the police station in Solapur that they couldn’t find their son, Vishal. Subsequent investigations led to the discovery of the child’s lifeless body. Vishal was addicted to explicit videos and had consistently harassed girls both in school and the village. Vishal’s parents had not received any complaints about him until that unexpected day. Unexpectedly, Vishal met his demise, confirmed by the post-mortem report that indicated the presence of poison.

When questioned, it is during the inquiry with the residents that the truth unfolds. Vishal’s father, not the police, admitted to murdering him. He openly confessed to being the one who killed his son. Vishal, who had been distancing himself from studies, was associated with his friend involved in explicit videos. Despite attempts to guide Vishal away from constantly harassing girls, his father’s efforts were in vain. The continuous harassment had deeply affected the minds of the victims. On January 13, Vijay, who had faced challenges both in family disputes and professional activities, took his son to Tuljapur Road on his motorcycle. There, he purchased a bottle of cold drink, mixed sodium nitrate into it, and handed it to his son, leading to Vishal’s tragic demise.

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