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The film “Neru ” directed by Jeethu Joseph revealing the power of truth and justic. Anaswara acted as a visually impaired sculptor. The storyline unfolds as Sarah, portrayed by Anaswara. One day she raped by a stranger. 

The crucial information guiding the police in this case comes directly from Sarah herself. Despite a suspicious situation, she helps the police to arrest a young suspect. However, the dynamics here are different; Sarah is not an ordinary witness but an empowered individual. She takes a significant initiative to punish the person involved, demonstrating immense self-confidence. Even though he is deserving of punishment, with his unwavering self-belief, anticipates obtaining justice and faces challenging situations with determination.

When the lawyer Rajasekharan (Siddique), known for getting results, arrives, the film swiftly moves towards intensity. Vijay Mohan (Mohanlal), who had temporarily abandoned his legal career years before arriving at a seemingly hopeless state, takes up Sarah’s case. The courtroom drama unfolds with a David-Goliath battle between the two. The film is a courtroom drama set in a realistic tone, pushing the boundaries of legal procedural presentations to achieve maximum realism.

Whether it be gripping twists, heroic moments, or emotional scenes, the film captivates and engages the audience. Even without intense suspense or heroics, it manages to hold viewers’ attention and evoke emotions. Advocate Rajasekharan’s strategic moves, as overcome by Advocate Vijay Mohan, illustrate how justice can be delivered. The question of how without significant television exposure or heroism, can win justice for Sarah remains answered , creating a sense of anticipation. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that Anashwara’s performance in this film stands out in her career, even in the absence of dramatic twists and heroics.

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